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   Karen Maria Promosso-Migliore

Karen was born on the outskirts of Naples on the foothills of Mount Vesuvius, the birth place of  Neapolitan songs, Pizza, Mozzarella and all things delicious and marvellous!
 Here food is the bedrock of daily life, cooked with great passion, love and fresh, local ingredients. The scrumptious ingredients are put together to create some amazing local dishes. These are cooked mainly at home for the family who come together and enjoy long and extended gatherings around the table, always abundant with joyous food!
It was in this setting that Karen learnt to cook at the apron strings of her Nonna Maria, and Zia Enza and later at the side of  her father Ciro.

Karen is the Director of That's Amore... and also runs all the courses from the family kitchen.


  Marco Migliore

Marco hails from the food capital of the world, Bologna, affectionately known as "La Grassa - The Fat One!"

It is the land of tortellini, Parma ham, Ragu' Bolognese, Lasagne and Parmigiano Reggiano.

Here the love of food has been handed down through history and its top products and ingredients are exported all over the world. They have become a staple ingredient in most western nations.

At the tender age of 22 Marco arrived in Hull... wet, grey and very cold!

However, he soon realised that the student mantra, "it's never dull in Hull!" was true when he met, cooked for and later married Karen! The cuisine is not one of Hull's strong points... So Marco began to produce the dishes he had watched    his Mamma Bruna and grandmother, Nonna Elsa, make over the years and discovered a talent for cooking and an enthusiasm for food which has become all consuming.

Cooking and sharing the love of food has remained a life long passion which has driven us to open our Italian Family Kitchen to you all.


NB: All photographs on the site have been taken by us or for us and are subject to copyright.

All  food and flower  photos are of  things we have made and prepared. 

Art work painted for us by Claire Daniel. If you like her work please contact us.

It is company policy that in order to  safeguard the safety of Minors,  no photographs of children's faces are posted on the  web site without parent/guardian approval.   Please respect this if  you attend a children's course or party and take photos.

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