about us

Karen Maria Promosso- Migliore

I was  born on the outskirts of Naples, the birth place of of Pizza, Mozzarella and all things delicious! Here food is the bedrock of daily life. Cooked mainly at home for the family who come together to enjoy long and extended gatherings around the table. It was in this setting that I learnt to cook at the apron strings of my Nonna, and Zia Enza and later at the side of my father Ciro. Cooking and sharing the love of food has remained a life long passion.

Marco Migliore

Marco hails from the food capital of the world, Bologna, affectionately known as "La Grassa- The Fat one!" It is the land of tortellini, Parma Ham and Pamigiano. Here the love of food has been handed down through history and its top products and ingredients are exported all over the world. They have become a staple ingreient in most western nations.

At the tender age of 22 Marco arrived in Hull, (where he  met, cooked for and later married Karen) although it is...'Never Dull in Hull..!' The cuisine is not one of its stong points. So Marco began to produce the dishes he had watched his Mother and Granmother make over the years and discovred a talent and an enthusiasm for food which has become all consuming.