Grow our own- food

 We have launched ourselves into Grow our Own in our garden here at That's Amore... The children have converted their sand pit into a children's veggie patch and we have filled the deck with pots. Our local horse riding school kindly allowed us to shovel some well rotted manure and the results have made us very proud!
We have planted a mini orchard in our front garden  and have two more Vegetable beds as well as installing a garden swing, climbing frame and willow den. 

 We hope to be able to upload pictures and news of our veg as they grow as the summer progresses! As well as examples of how we cook them maybe on our camp fire!

Keep up with the hot celebrity news about who is visiting our Bug Hotel, tucked in under our very own  Magic Far Away Tree complete with Saucepan-man! Mr and Mrs Millipede have just taken up residence and Ms. Ladybird has just vacated her winter room!

It is now JULY and here are some of the things we have picked from our garden.

Oh and we would like to introduce -   Potty and Dotty our hens.