Cookery circle Menu

Menu week 1

Crostini Neri - Chicken live pate'

Pasta e Lenticchie - Pasta with Lentils

Sanguinaccio con chiacchiere - blood rich chocolate sauce with fried biscuits

Week 2

Pizza di Scarola - Curly Endive Pizza Pie...

Orange and Fennel and Endive Salad

Week 3

Pasta al funghetto - Pasta with tomato and aubergine sauce

Funghi ripieni cotti al forno - Baked field mushrooms stuffed with home-made walnut butter, goats cheese and olives

Week 4
Teilla di Bari-  Rice muscles and tomato speciality from Bari
Dentice alla mediterranea - Sea Bream alla Mediterranean

week 5
Wild Rabbit in Juniper Marinade

Lemon and Ricotta cheesecake

* Menus are meant as an example and subject to alteration at short or no notice according to availability of ingredients.