Let it Snow...let it snow ... let it snow...!

posted 11 Feb 2012, 13:29 by Karen P
Well here we are gripped in an icy February!
Italy has never seen so much snow and here in England we have had our fair share! It is half Term in the Migliore house hold and for the first time since we had the children we are setting off for the slopes!

 YES the ski slopes of Val di Fiemme in the Dolimites. A beautiful and suggestive landscape full of drama, emotion and Amore. It is also full of  'foody wonders' just waiting for us to go and hunt them out. I shall tell you more about these on our return and hopefully I will be able to supply some sumptuous photos to make your mouth water...

In the mean time I leave you with a Snowy recipe for you to try out with your Kids this Half Term! Buon appetito :)

Palle di Neve/ Snow Balls

  12 pezzi: 12 Balls

 · 50 g di burro ammorbidito/ Soft Butter

· 75 g di zucchero a velo/ Icing Sugar

· 75 g di farina/Plain Flour

· 25 g di noci tritate/ Ground Hazel Nuts

· 25 g di mandorle tritate/ Ground Almonds

· un pizzico di sale/ Pinch of Salt

· la buccia grattugiata di un limone/ Grated zest of Lemon


 Montate il burro ammorbidito con metà dello zucchero a velo in modo da ottenere una crema soffice ed omogenea.  Beat together the Butter and half of the icing sugar until you have a silky and smooth cream.

 Aggiungete ora la farina, le noci tritate, le mandorle tritate, il sale e la buccia finemente grattugiata di un limone. Now add the flour, Hazel Nuts, Almonds, salt and lemon zest.

Lavorate bene questo impasto fino a quando è ben compatto, avvolgetelo nella pellicola trasparente e fatelo riposare in frigo per circa 30 minuti. Mix this well until you obtain a thick paste, wrap it tightly in some cling film and leave it to rest in the fridge for about 30mins.

Stendetelo poi con il mattarello ad una altezza di circa 2,5 cm e ritagliate l'impasto in modo da ottenere 12 palle della grandezza di una noce. Roll the mixture out with a rolling pin to a height of 2.5 cm and cut out 12 round walnut sized balls.

 Appoggiatele su una teglia su cui avete steso della carta da forno. Line a baking sheet with some greaseproof paper and place the balls with plenty of space in-between them. Infornatele a 180° per circa 10 minuti. Bake at180° C for 10 minutes