Our First Slow Food event!

posted 16 Feb 2011, 05:15 by Karen P
Announcing our first ever Slow food event!

La Pasquetta Napoletana - A Neapolitan Easter pic nic!   

Saturday the 23 April 2011 -10.30am         All Day Out door event Please Dress for the weather.

Come and watch a demonstration of  how to make Casatiello-  traditional Neapolitan   Easter Bread, Fire up a BBQ, and enjoy eating the 'Casatiello' with a selection of Hams, salamis and cheeses from Naples and  from Lincolnshire! It is going to be a Food Fusion Feast!

Tickets cost £25 pounds per person £10 pounds per child.

please bring with you a Bottle of wine if you would like a drink with your meal and a selection of the following to put on to the BBQ.

Aubergines, Red Peppers, Courgettes, Mushrooms, onions or  Tinned artichokes. Once we have cooked them we will show you how the Neapolitans dress them!

We will finish off our meal with a slice of Pastiera - Neapolitan Easter Cake