Keep Kids Cooking Campaign!

posted 5 Sept 2011, 04:31 by Karen P   [ updated 5 Sept 2011, 07:13 ]

Weekly Children's and Teen  cookery clubs  in term time.

Age  11- 14- Wednesdays 16.30- 18.00

£10 a  Session

Age 7-10 Fridays  16.30- 18.00

   £10 a session

Tots Fun Time age 1-5 Tuesdays 10.30 am

£5 per child and £5 accompanying adults (all children must be accompanied by an adult)

Fun sessions for kids. Help them learn new and vital life skills as well as bring home delicious food cooked by themselves for themselves.

 Kids get a chance to use kitchen equipment in a safe and supervised environment, learn about nutrition, try new things, socialise and even play on the swings if they wish to!

Children’s Party’s on demand!