Pizza, Pane e Amore...

Italy's biggest export re-produced world wide!

The Pizza was born in Napoli and so was I... on this course you will learn how the Neapolitans really make Pizza,

You will also lean how to make some Artisan Italian bread; Focaccia and ciabatta as well as take home your own Biga and Madre starter doughs

we  have our very own outdoor wood-burning Pizza oven  where you will be able to light and stoke the fire as well as drink a cool beer or glass of wine with your hot and steamy Pizza.

 PLEASE  bring with you 2 medium sized plastic boxes for the starters and a basket or bag to take your bread home in

 NB Additional courses can also be requested and organised on any  Tuesday or Saturday to suit your needs.  A minimum of 4 people per course is required.