Good Food - Slow Food

As a family we believe that Good Food is Slow Food.  Taking time to shop, cook and eat together forms part of an integral part of being a human being and we believe it strengthens the family and its values.

We are members of Slow Food UK and have also adopted the Slow Food education programme "A Journey From Taste to Origin" within our children's and adult's courses. We hope to offer some Slow Food/That's Amore... events in the near future.

Further information on Slow Food and what they encourage can be found on the Slow Food website - 

Home made strufoli - yummy!

Tastes of Lincolnshire Events

The ethos of our company is very much based on using and providing  Local, Seasonal and as far as possible Sustainable produce.

We are proud to receive the support and endorsement of Tastes of Lincolnshire
and hope to run combined events in the future.

A tall order Wedding cake for Uncle Ian and Auntie Victoria? Piece of cake!


 That's Amore... Italian Family Kitchen and Cookery School

Karen P,
15 Feb 2011, 04:02